Questionmark works closely with the following parties to continually optimize its research method and data quality.

Scientific support

On the advice of the Wageningen University & Research Centers, we update our methodology so that our method is in line with the latest scientific insights.

Reliability of data

In 2015, KPMG Sustainability gave advice to Questionmark for the design of our method and systems for the optimum reliability and integrity of data.

Healthy diet guidelines

The Voedingscentrum (Nutrition Center) and Questionmark work together to optimize the apps they make in the area of food product information.

Measuring the sustainability of consumer products

Questionmark integrates TSC's worldwide standardized questionnaires into its own measuring instrument.

Data sources

In order to be able to research a product, we need data about the ingredients, production methods, nutritional values, countries of origin, recipe and certifications. We use primarily the information on the label. In addition, we invite the brand owner to supplement this information with more detailed information and we collect data from databases from GS1 and Brandbank.

Stakeholder dialogues

In all phases of the survey, Questionmark asked feedback from experts from universities, NGOs, research institutes and sector representatives. We are truly operating in the middle of the playing field of transparency and sustainability.

QM intelligence

The Questionmark Foundation works together with QM Intelligence to provide tailor-made solutions for companies, retailers and other organizations in making their production process more sustainable.

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