How Questionmark data can improve your product range

QM intelligence

Stichting Questionmark (Questionmark Foundation) is for consumers, social organizations and businesses. With the aim of providing businesses, retailers and other organizations with bespoke services for making their production processes more sustainable, Questionmark has established a non-profit limited company with a social mission. QM Intelligence BV is fully owned by Stichting Questionmark. It develops and provides services for businesses, social organizations, knowledge institutes and public authorities. QM Intelligence provides tools and data with which:

  • food businesses and retailers can make their products sustainable;
  • retailers can select and promote the best products in their stores;
  • non-profits can support their campaigns;
  • knowledge institutes can do research;
  • public authorities can support their policies.


  • Get insight into opportunities for product innovation
  • Respond to product adjustments by competitors
  • Have evidence for product claims (Now with 30% less salt)


  • Get real-time insight into internal product objectives

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