Superlist Sweden

Supermarkets have great influence on our food system. The multi-yeaer research programme, Superlist, compares the efforts supermarkets make on four themes: health, sustainability, human rights and animal welfare. For each Superlist research we work together with civil society organisations that are active on the theme.

In Sweden two research projects were published as part of the Superlist programme. These projects compared a small number of indicators on food promotion. Superlist Health researched how unhealthy products are promoted using price promotions. In Superlist Environment, the price promotions for meat products were researched. The fours largest Swedish supermarkets were researched: Coop, Hemköp, ICA and Willys.

One of the interesting findings is that two out of three meat promotions encourage the sale of more than one food product. This, among other findings, was shared in two national Swedish newspapers: Expressen and Kvällspressen.