Superlist Environment Belgium 2022

Nov 22, 2022

Sustainable food. Which efforts do Belgian supermarkets take to make the food system more sustainable?

Supermarkets have an important role to make the food pattern more sustainable and healthy. Superlist environment describes how supermarkets contribute to a healthy and sustainable food system and pattern.

Sustainable food is not yet the norm in Belgian supermarkets

Supermarkets can dramatically increase their efforts in making the food system sustainable. Although there are promising practices across all supermarkets, supermarkets in Belgium currently do not considerably contribute to a more plant-based diet, sustainable food, and less food waste. These are the main findings of Superlist Environment Belgium 2022, obtained by evaluating policy, assortment, promotions and in-store tactics. By entering into dialogue with each other (civil society actors and policy makers) supermarkets can greatly increase their impact on transitioning towards a sustainable food system.


Using these findings, a ranking of supermarkets was prepared based on a weighting set in advance. The ranking shows which supermarkets generally belong to the frontrunners, laggards or the average group. The ranking has changed slightly. Similar to 2020, Ekoplaza and Lidl are frontrunners in the market. They have increased their distance to other supermarkets, including former frontrunners Dirk and Coop. 

This ranking should not be considered as an absolute judgment. In contrast, it is striking that it is not always the same supermarket that is ahead in all areas. It’s those differences that show that all of the supermarkets stand to profit greatly if they learn from the good examples of their fellow supermarkets.


Superlist Environment 2022 was executed in collaboration with Rikolto, Test Aankoop, Bond Beter Leefmilieu, FoodWIN, BOS+, Canopea and Ecoconso.