Superlist Health 2022

Oct 13, 2022

Healthy food. What are supermarkets doing two years later?

While a supermarket cannot make its customers healthier, they influence the choices that a customer makes through their assortment, promotions, and shop design. Superlist Health 2022 shows the extent to which supermarkets encourage a healthy food pattern. In addition, we see whether supermarkets are making progress, because we compared the results to Superlist Health 2020. The supermarkets that were researched are: Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Lidl, Aldi, Plus, Dirk, Coop en Ekoplaza.

"The supermarket is not yet a healthy food environment"

Supermarkets are doing little to make healthy eating easy. Promotions, assortment and shop design make unhealthy choices appealing. Measures to encourage the healthy choice are largely absent or not able to be judged, both in practice and in policy. These are the conclusions of Superlist Health 2022. The conclusion is also that supermarkets are not making progress because the outcome is similar to two years ago; only Ekoplaza and Lidl have implemented substantial  improvements. 


Using these findings, a ranking of supermarkets was prepared based on a weighting set in advance. The ranking shows which supermarkets generally belong to the frontrunners, laggards or the average group. The ranking has changed slightly. Similar to 2020, Ekoplaza and Lidl are frontrunners in the market. They have increased their distance to other supermarkets, including former frontrunners Dirk and Coop. 

This ranking should not be considered as an absolute judgment. In contrast, it is striking that it is not always the same supermarket that is ahead in all areas. It’s those differences that show that all of the supermarkets stand to profit greatly if they learn from the good examples of their fellow supermarkets.


This research was initiated and executed by Questionmark in collaboration with the Alliance Nutrition for a Healthy Generation. This alliance is founded by the Diabetes Foundation, the Heart Foundation, the Stomach, Liver and Bowel Foundation, and the Kidney Foundation, in collaboration with the municipality of Amsterdam, JOGG and UNICEF Nederland .


This Superlist was funded by Doen Foundation, Questionmark Foundation, Noaber Foundation and the Alliance Nutrition for a Healthy Generation.

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This Superlist Health researched the extent to which supermarkets encourage a healthy food pattern through their assortment, offers, shop design and goals. It also makes a comparison to Superlist Health 2020. The abovementioned is only a summary.