Environmental impact meat promotions

Supermarkets heavily promote meat with large environmental impact

  • The meat that supermarkets promote hardly ever gets a green light according to the Swedish WWF meat guide.
  • Most promotions that could be assessed through the Swedish WWF meat guide either got a red or yellow light.

Type of meat promoted

Of all meat promotions, two out of three were assessed either red or yellow (68 percent) according to the Swedish WWF meat guide. Hardly any meat products on promotion got a green light (3 percent).  For some meat promotions, the environmental impact was unknown (29 percent).

Type of meat promoted per supermarket

There are no striking differences between the different supermarkets. This suggests that Coop and ICA (both 4%) had a slightly larger share of promotions for meat that gets a green light than Hemköp and Willys (both 1%).

Type of meat promoted

We found that pork (53 percent) is the type of meat that was most often promoted by the supermarkets. Also, considerable amounts of chicken (17 percent) and other/mixed meat (24 percent) were promoted. Only low shares of beef products were promoted during the research period (6 percent).  

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