Meat promotions

Supermarkets Encourage Meat Consumption through Multi-buy Promotions

  • During the research period, around one in twelve promotions concerned a meat product.
  • Nearly two out of three meat promotions give an incentive to purchase multiple items.

Share of meat promotions out of total online promotions

In total, 868 meat products were promoted by the supermarkets during the research period. The share of meat promotions out of total online promotions was on average 7 percent. The figure below presents the share of meat promotions for the different supermarkets. This shows that the share of meat promotions out of all food promotions is roughly the same for all supermarkets.

Absolute number of meat promotions

If we look at absolute numbers, Coop (348) and Hemköp (245) ran considerably more promotions for meat than Willys (152) and ICA (123).

Multi-buy promotions

In total, 63 percent of all meat promotions were promoted through multi-buys . The other one third of meat promotions were promoted by temporary price reductions.

Type of meat promotion per supermarket

It appears that Coop ran a considerably high share of multi-buy promotions for meat products (79 percent). Hemköp also promoted the majority of its meat products by multi-buys (63 percent). On the contrary, meat products at ICA and Willys were more often promoted by temporary price reductions than by multi-buys (37 percent and 30 percent multi-buy promotions respectively).