Do the promotions in the weekly brochure help with healthy shopping?

The folder with special offers can be a powerful means to help people eat a more healthy diet. In practice, unhealthy products predominate in all advertising folders. On average, 82% of the specials advertised in folders are unhealthy. In this survey just one folder contained more than 40% of products from the basic 5 food groups, and it was from Lidl. Sub-categories show greater differences. While advertising for sugar-filled drinks for children and alcohol is still the norm in many supermarkets, Ekoplaza occasionally issues 'alcohol-free' folders and Lidl does not have special offers of sugar-filled drinks in the small cartons that are typically given to children.

Other findings

  • Layout: Does the shop's layout help with healthy shopping?
  • Objectives: What are the objectives for selling healthy products?
  • Assortment: How much of the assortment comprises of healthy products?

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What are the objectives for selling healthy products?

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