What are the targets for selling healthy products?

Little transparency about targets

Supermarkets do not provide much insight into the extent to which they are working to meet the pledges in the Prevention Agreement. Currently, none of the supermarkets has adequate targets for selling healthy products. Existing targets and reports are not easy to interpret because they are restricted to the range of own brands.

From the supermarkets’ perspective, the distinction between own brand and A-brand is logical, but it is irrelevant for the health of their customers. The agreements in the Prevention Agreement about stimulating the basic 5 food groups do not distinguish  between A-brands and own brands. A number of supermarkets are taking steps to report about the entire range in the future, so society can gain some insight into how much effort is being made to fulfil the agreements in the Prevention Agreement.

Other findings

  • Layout: Does the shop's layout help with healthy shopping?
  • Promotions: Do the promotions in the weekly brochure help with healthy shopping?
  • Assortment: How much of the assortment comprises of healthy products?

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How much of the assortment comprises of healthy products?

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