Unhealthy multi-buy promotions

Large majority of unhealthy food promotions are multi-buys

Four out of five unhealthy food promotions are ‘multi-buys’, requiring the consumer to purchase multiple food products.

We registered over 5,400 multi-buy promotions for unhealthy products. In total, 82 percent of all unhealthy promotions were offered as multi-buys.

Coop used multi-buy as a promotion type for unhealthy promotions most often (92 percent) compared to the other supermarkets. ICA has the lowest share of multi-buys for unhealthy promotions (59 percent), while the share of multi-buy promotions still covers the majority of its unhealthy promotions. The absolute number of multibuy promotions also differed. Whereas ICA promoted 360 unhealthy multi-buys during the research period, Coop promoted over 2,400 in the same period of time.