Ambitions Prevention Agreement not visible in annual reports

Seven of the eight supermarkets researched do not publish whether they comply with the agreements in the National Prevention Agreement. Lidl is the only supermarket to publish their goals and the share of their sales as a percentage of total sales that meet the Dutch National standards, the Wheel of five. Jumbo and Albert Heijn report some information, although the definition they used for ‘healthy’ does not comply with the agreements made in the National Prevention Agreement. Lidl is also the only supermarket to set goals to reduce the sale of house brand products with added sugar, salt, and saturated fat, and to report on their progress. Other supermarkets still do not provide data on the impact of their product improvement efforts on the sale of sugar, salt or saturated fat. A positive development is that almost all supermarkets address children’s health in their policy. For example, supermarkets are focusing on reducing marketing unhealthy house brand products to children.