Assortment: minimal improvements

Unhealthy variants are usually still in the majority amongst product groups thatfall within and outside of the Dutch National standards, the Wheel of Five. For example, cheese, meat (substitutes), crackers and ‘beschuit’. On average, products that meet the Dutch National Standards,Wheel of Five are slightly better represented than in 2020. This slight improvement can largely be accounted for by Ekoplaza. Ekoplaza had an average five percent increase in the share of healthy products in the researched product groups. Ekoplaza has had a significant increase in the share of healthy products within the product groups potato, legumes, bread and bread mixes.

The goals set in the National Product Improvement Approach for salt and sugar reduction in 2030 are far out of reach for all supermarkets, for the researched product groups. Although almost all supermarkets show a reduction in the most salty products in the categories meat, meat substitutes and sauces. Albert Heijn and Ekoplaza come closest to reaching the goals to reduce sugar in soft drinks.