Promotion flyers: Offers mostly tempt consumers to purchase unhealthy choices

On average four out of five offers in the supermarket flyers do not meet the Dutch National standards, the Wheel of Five. Compared to 2020, Ekoplaza has visibly increased the share of Wheel of Five products in the flyers (from 19 to 30 percent), Albert Heijn has increased its share (from 18 to 20 percent). There is no improvement among the other supermarkets compared to 2020. All supermarkets have put more alcoholic beverages on offer compared to 2020. All supermarkets have soft drinks on offer weekly, almost always as a multibuy (1+1 free).
A positive development is that the total number of offers for drink cartons for children seems to be decreasing. Lidl is the only supermarket to document this in a policy.