Animal Welfare: less animal products

Dec 14, 2021

In addition to making animal products more “animal friendly”, it is also important for animal welfare to decrease the consumption of animal products. Livestock farming aimed to sustainable animal welfare focuses on a shift from quantity to quality (Dierenbescherming, 2020b). At the moment, animal proteins make up about 60% of the proteins in the average Dutch diet. The Delta Plan for Livestock Farming of the Dutch Society for the Protection of Animals therefore sets the goal to reduce the share of animal proteins in this diet from 60% to 30% (Dierenbescherming, 2020a).

What did we looked at?

We investigated to what extent supermarkets have targets for reducing the sale of meat, fish, dairy and eggs. In addition, we investigated whether a supermarket reports on the sale of meat, fish, dairy and eggs.


Only Ekoplaza has a clear objective to reduce the sale of meat and animal dairy. Objectives of other supermarkets are restricted to growing the share of meat alternatives.

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