Animal Welfare: promotion

Dec 14, 2021

Offers for meat, dairy and eggs without a relevant quality label for animal welfare stimulate the animal-unfriendly livestock industry.

Meat on sale

The amount of meat in the folders varies greatly per supermarket. Coop promotes the most meat, followed by Albert Heijn and Plus. The share of meat with a relevant quality mark for animal welfare also varies greatly. Ekoplaza is the only supermarket that only promotes animal-friendly meat. Plus follows with 73%. With 41%, Albert Heijn has the lowest score. The majority of meat promotion have a quality mark for animal welfare.

Meat with (purple) and meat without (blue) relevant quality mark for animal welfare on sale per supermarket.

Dairy and eggs on sale

The volume of dairy and eggs in the promotional folders also varies greatly per supermarket.  Apart from Ekoplaza, all other supermarket promote only a small amount of dairy and eggs with quality mark for animal welfare in their folders, ranging from <1% (Jumbo) to <15% (Lidl).

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