Animal Welfare: reporting and objectives

Dec 14, 2021

Intensive livestock farming, is putting pressure on the welfare of animals. This applies both to animals kept for their meat and to animals that are kept for the production of dairy or eggs. Also in the fishing industry and fish farms there are major issues related to the welfare of animals.

What did we looked at?

First of all, we investigated whether the supermarket has objectives to reduce the sale of animal products without relevant quality mark for animal welfare. In the public debate on animal welfare, attention to the welfare of fish has just started. We therefore investigated how supermarkets in general are committed to improving the well-being of fish as well.

In addition to the reports and websites of the supermarkets, we also analyzed assortments. In the assortments, we took measurements to determine to what extent supermarkets set a lower limit in the field of animal welfare. Finally, we investigated the role that animal welfare plays in the offers.


Several supermarkets have made a start with measuring animal welfare in their sales figures, but tangible objectives are still scarce. Reporting and policy are often unclearly formulated, which makes it difficult to make a good assessment. Every supermarket also gives a different interpretation to the promise to end the sale of 'plofkip'. In practice, the sale of eggs is already largely covered by BLK1.

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